About Us

Pharmacist Hub ("PH") is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering pharmacy students and practicing professionals by equipping them with the skills required to build successful careers in the field of medical communication. Founded in 2020, PH aims to provide students with new and exciting opportunities that lead to numerous career paths.

PH hopes that pharmacists will enter the medical communication field and contribute to the community by sharing their knowledge. By integrating medical knowledge and writing skills, we aim to teach pharmacists how to create engaging and relatable content. 

PH understands that in order to succeed in the ever-changing and unpredictable world of today, pharmacy students require additional tools in addition to their academics. Accordingly, we work to assist students by offering an array of opportunities such as consulting, scholarships, and resources to assist with obtaining internships. 

Moreover, student pharmacists and pharmacists alike can enhance their experiences and skills through PH by utilizing our services, including, but not limited to, customized resumes, optimized LinkedIn profiles, and career counseling.

Operating as an independent entity with no affiliation with any pharmacy association or society, we hope to pave the way for the next generation of pharmacists with these goals in mind.


We envision being a world-class non-profit organization that promotes medical communication by offering the relevant knowledge to pharmacists and students to help them make informed decisions and career choices. Through our services, we aim to partner with other stakeholders in order to offer internships to pharmacy students and awards where necessary.


Our mission is to help student pharmacists explore the various career paths in medical communications before graduation. We endeavor to create a sustainable pipeline of qualified medical communication specialists and to inspire the next generation of pharmacists to pursue a career in medical communications. We strive to link donors offering financial aid to minority students pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree with the goal of becoming medical communication specialists.

Core Values

INTEGRITY: We are transparent and accountable for our efforts and consistently maintain high ethical standards in our organization to ensure we deliver top-notch services.

PASSION: We infuse our interactions with energy, innovation, and a "can-do" mentality, as well as excitement and commitment, by sharing our optimism and encouraging achievements.

RESPECT: We value and care about the overall welfare of the pharmacists and students we interact with, so we treat everyone with dignity and value each individual.

TEAMWORK: The fundamental operating principles of our organization are oriented and focused on synergy as a mode of operation so as to maximize our institution's total productivity.

COMMITMENT: We are dedicated to rendering great services and providing world-class solutions that impact the lives of pharmacists and students, thus helping them achieve their goals.

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Our Team

Steve Aluoch


Orpa Anuz

Chief Operations Officer

Mary Ngo

Director of Operations

Julianne Tieu

Relations Manager

Meet the Founder

Steve Aluoch

PharmD, MBA

Known as The Hybrid Creative, Steve Aluoch is a published author, medical communication specialist, and the founder of Pharmacist Hub, Inc., a non-profit built to educate, empower, and inspire student pharmacists and pharmacists to pursue a career in medical communications.

He attained his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Hawaii at Hilo and an MBA in Healthcare Administration and Management from Trevecca Nazarene University. He is an alumnus of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, where he graduated with a dual bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Biology.

A creative from day one, Steve holds a passion for writing, entrepreneurship, and science. In his final years as a student, he experienced first-hand how hard it is to find medical communication internships. To solve the problem crippling student pharmacists who are creative from realizing their true potential, in 2020, he created the Pharmacist Hub (PH).

The platform aims to bridge the medical communication gap and help pharmacy students land the best internship opportunities. In addition, PH prepares students to better their chances of success by developing personalities, acquiring the needed skill set, and creating winning marketing collateral like resumes and LinkedIn profile optimization.

Besides spearheading PH, Steve loves to write and has spent the last five years writing copy for some of the leading brand names in the pharmaceutical industry, such as UCB, AbbVie, Merck, and GSK. He is passionate about shaping lives for the better, grooming student pharmacists, and helping pharmacists tap into their creative potential as writers.