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PH Minority Award

The Pharmacist Hub Minority Award (PHMA) will be given to an outstanding minority student who demonstrates a passion for medical communications. The award recognizes excellence in writing and will be granted to the applicant who plans to take an elective rotation within a medical communications company. They must also demonstrate a strong desire to work as a writer after graduation. The candidate should have experience in medical writing or editing, which can include internships or part-time jobs. The award winner will receive $1,000 per semester (for up to 2 semesters and for third-year students only).

PH Leadership Award

The Pharmacist Hub Leadership Award (PHLA) will be offered to an outstanding student that has demonstrated excellence in leadership, service, and dedication to the field of pharmacy through medical communications. The award recognizes the most promising and forward-thinking student pharmacist leader with a demonstrated history of exemplary communication-related activities. The award is designed to recognize and support young minorities interested in medical communications that aim to enter the pharmaceutical industry. The award winner will receive $1,000 per semester (for up to 2 semesters and for third-year students only).

PH Entrepreneurship Award

The Pharmacist Hub Entrepreneurship Award (PHEA) is the first-of-its-kind national pharmacy entrepreneurship award designed to empower and inspire student pharmacists in the U.S. who start, own, and operate a business within the pharmaceutical profession. This award recognizes the importance of entrepreneurship in shaping the future of pharmacy and makes an essential contribution to the growth of small businesses. The award seeks to identify, highlight, and celebrate the achievements of student pharmacists who have taken a leap of faith into self-employment. It will also focus on the value that pharmacists add to addressing challenges in healthcare through medical communications. The award winner will receive $750 for a semester, and the award can only be received once per student. It will be given to one student each semester. Thus, the total award amount will be $1,500 (for fourth-year students only).

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